Hudson and Brand

The Case of the Necropolis Express

Keeper: Byerly

Hudson & Brand is contacted by Tommy Thompson, a conductor for the London Necropolis Company. Something sinister has been happening aboard the train used to transport the dead from London to Brookwood, and the staff are so terrified that they want to leave their position. Tommy and the crew have pooled a little money together, and would like Hudson & Brand to deal with this mystery, for the sake of men who cannot afford to leave their situations.


Agatha Wheeland
Gabriel Hardy
Marvin Leart
Zachariah Holstead

Train of the Dead Found Abandoned and Battered

The staff of Brookwood Cemetery arrived today to find a most unsettling scene. The night train for the London Necropolis Company sat in station, apparently abandoned. Workers found the boiler barely alight and no signs of the train’s staff members. Significant damage had occurred to the gangway connection between several of the cars. Blood was also found in the Third Class and First Class carriages and signs of a struggle. The First Class carriage also had damage that appears to be the result of fire and gunshots.

Perhaps most disturbing was the scene in the rear-most hearse car. A great number of the containers carrying the dead to their new resting place had been overturned and smashed, with body parts scattered about. This obvious disrespect for the dead has many calling for an investigation into the London Necropolis Company. A spokesperson has assured this reporter that this is a most unusual incident and they are thoroughly investigating the matter.

Superintendent Ronald Hooker asks anyone with information related to the train’s state or the missing train staff to contact him at their earliest convenience.

The Thames-Sentinel Newspaper


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