Hudson and Brand

The Case of the Early Thaw

Keeper: Matthew

Local reports near the village of Wintershiver near the Cumbian Mountains tell of locals having gone missing and strange noises at night. The investigation must uncover these reports and determine what sinister entity may be behind them.


(Paula, Brooke, Ethan, David)

Mr.Pepe Oui Oui
Prof Roger

The enigmatic Dr. Skeffington had a new assignment for the intrepid investigators of Hudson and Brand. It seemed that strange disappearances and unusual lights were noticed around the small northern village of Wintershiver. Wintershiver, a small town known only for the harvest and production of beer, did have one unusual feature: Ravenglass Sanitarium, which was a wellness hospital nestled at the base of the Crumbian Mountains. Their assignment was to make their way to Wintershiver and determine the cause of the unusual activity and determine whether or not further action was needed.

Dr. Skeffington noted that the Lord Mayor of Wintershiver was William Heap, the vicar at the local church was Rev. Welker and the physician in charge of Ravenglass was Dr. Edwin Stourt. Surely one of these three individuals would have more answers.

Upon arriving in the nearby town of Horne, the group found a carriage that would take them into the small town, five miles in. They immediately found a boarding house and then went to the local pub for rumors. Everyone felt that the disappearances were, as the sheriff had stated, likely people who wandered too close to the lake or found themselves lost in the mountains but the team was not so sure.

They wandered up to Ravenglass and met Dr. Stout, who assured them that they should book rooms at the wellness hospital. He spoke of the hospital’s mission and the great things they did but the investigators noticed some unusual facts. First, there seemed to be no patients or staff anywhere to be seen. Second, there seemed to be signs of construction and dust around the facility, and most remarkably, Dr. Stout had strange legions around his neck and head which he dismissed as an unfortunate accident with a patient. They also noticed Dr. Stout’s rather large and imposing safe in his office.

They then left, determined to look into the hospital further. They found a guide, Moira, who would take them into the mountains where they might better see the lights.

They spoke with Rev Welker, who had a dim view of the sanitorium, however, his view stemmed from the lack of religious faith.

That night, the team saw lights near the mountains, which was near the Ravenglass Sanitorium. This was the exact place they would go tomorrow in order to see a closer look.

The following day, Moira took them into the mountains and by sundown they were in a good position near the clinic. That night, they saw the lights again, which prompted them to come down the mountain and near the clinic. It was at that point that they decided to break into the clinic and investigate.

Not long after they broke in, they were beset upon by creatures, not much larger than cats, but with wings, claws and long tails that seemed to move through a combination of teleportation and short bursts. The creature was extremely deadly and had a way of wrapping a tail around a victim’s neck and attaching a claw to the head, which made similar markings as those that were on Dr. Stout. But after dispatching the creature, they looked deeper, eventually finding a trap door under the floorboards in a room. Below, was a cold chamber and a tunnel that lead into the mountains. There was plenty of excavation equipment, lending credence to the theory that the people at the sanitorium were conducting a clandestine construction project. But there was a cold, cold air that flowed through the cavern. Nonetheless, they progressed through the tunnel.

En route, they were attacked by more of the strange creatures and the team dispatched them, while taking on some damage and then spending time tending to their injuries. But they knew there was danger up ahead.
When they finally made it to the main chamber, they were astounded with what they saw. There was a massive creature that was encased behind a wall of ice. Whereas they could only see the outline of the creature, they could tell it was massive. And dangerous. Around the cavern appeared to be Dr. Stout, as well as various other patients and staff members, all clearly under the influence of the strange creatures. They were involved in a group effort to attempt to free the creature from the ice, using the construction equipment.

Thinking fast, the team knew they would be unable to subdue all the assembled workers. So instead they managed to find dynamite and set the charges, fleeing as quickly as possible, knowing that they needed to destroy everything lest this creature get free.

Once the detonations began, they fled, going as fast as they could, barely escaping the destruction. But upon getting out of the chamber, they made their way back to London, filing their grim report of the situation.


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