Hudson and Brand

The Case of Mother's Milk

Keeper: Matthew

The farmlands near Chippenham have recently shows strange mutations and abnormalities in the produce and livestock. What is the source of these strange abnormalities and does it mean something greater for the farming community at large?


Arthur Credge
Nellie Boyle
Regan O’Siadhail
Zachariah Holstead
Yegor Ludwig

The assembled investigators were sent to Chippenham in the north of England in order to investigate some unusual agricultural oddities. The individual who sent them, Dr. Skeffington, showed mutated produce, eggs and meat and suggested that there may be some untoward activity happening in the farmlands. It could be the start of an outbreak or mythos activity or both.

The investigators set forth for the area and did some initial inquiries. They discovered that there were families of farmers who sold their produce at the train station for those who made stops. But they noticed that none of the families were present in the past few days and that the town was growing concerned as these family farms were a major source of food for them.

The following day the investigators set forth on foot to the farms and in their small trek, they began to notice unnatural phenomena in the area, namely mutated plants, enlarged and deformed wildlife and aggressive creatures that seemed as if they were fused from several different animals. The ground was boggy and had a disgusting rotting sweet smell that when they walked, seemed to bubble up from the ground. They eventually came across reanimated corpses, presumably from some of the farmers. The corpses were aggressive but seemed to be controlled as if from a puppet master underneath the ground.

After dispatching the monsters, they made their way to a nearby farmhouse where the place had been overrun with the corruption: giant insects, aggressive and ambulatory potatoes and something best unsaid upstairs. They fled to another farmhouse that seemed protected and mostly untouched from the corruptions. There they found that the owners, the Peale family had grown suspicious of something one of the neighboring farm families had done and described it as an ancient evil. The family, the Wolshonals, were desperate and tainted. In attempting to stop the Wolshonals, the Peales set forth to confront them with a powerful whistle that had been passed down for several generations, intended to fight off the very unholy activities the corrupt family had planned. The investigators, hurt and weary, set out to find the corrupted family and hope to find the whistle.

As they came up to the Wolshonals’ farmhouse, they found more animated corpses, one carrying a whistle on a chain around his next. As they fought these monsters, a grotesque abomination came from the field: several cattle had been fused together into one giant and aggressive monstrosity. In the altercation one investigator, Yegor, died. This broke the nerve of the group and they fled back to the village to regroup. As they tried to plan their next move, another horrific beast rumbled towards the village – a mighty Dark Young of Shub Niggurath. Clearly, this creature, as well as the influence of the Elder God, herself, was corrupting the land, from the unholy milk she produced. The team used every last ounce of energy to surround it, blowing the whistle and sending the creature back to the depths, as well as slowly undoing the evil the corrupted family had produced.


barrelv Hasturmind

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